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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  November 3, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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rapid spread of the virus. it happened to have occurred in
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april so had to do it is a separate vaccine. so it really isn't accurate to say this is a brand new vaccine. it's not and we have a lot of experience with these types of vaccines and as you've heard over 10 million people that have been vaccinated have been no serious adverse events associated with that. >> reporter: meantime a shortage of the liquid antiviral medicine used to fight the flu in kids has pharmacists stepping up to help. some are concocting their own liquid compound for tamiflu for kids and the fda is urging more to join in. scott broom is following developments behind the pharmacist counter tonight. >> reporter: at the present time tamiflu liquid is not available. so we make it. bethesda pharmacist bruce
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zagnit:-- we make them up by the pint. >> reporter: parents are leaving doctor's offices with new instructions now. >> we went to the emergency room and said it may be hard to find. >> reporter: find pharmacies like bradley care in bethesda where experienced pharmacists like zagnit can mix up their own tamiflu from existing medications to meet the shortage. >> it's unfortunate timing and the shortage of the vaccine and the antiviral drugs to treat it but unfortunately we have to deal with what we've got. >> reporter: last week the last of the federal stockpile of liquid pediatric tamiflu was released and the food and drug administration is now encouraging pharmacists to do what zagnit is doing. >> what we do is open up the capsule. >> reporter: the good news is the raw materials are plentiful. zagnit has cases of tamiflu capsules for adults which have to be emptied out and mixed for
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a safe dose for children with cherry flavor liquid that children can swallow. according to the u.s. food and drug administration, the prospects were getting a lot more of the liquid tamiflu for children produced before january is slim, which means a lot more pharmacists around the country are likely to start doing what these pharmacists are doing to meet the demand. in bethesda, scott broom, 9 news now and >> if you've had success finding tamiflu for kids please help us help others. log onto momslikemeand and join the conversation under way. list pharmacies where it is available now. well the sun is setting in washington and some cold temperatures are coming our way tonight. meteorologist tuppper shut is on the terrace are you saying 30s overnight. >> we are saying 30s. if you have mums in or pansies,
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they're going to be fine. there are other plants that are temperature sensitive you have to worry about. while it's not super cold right now the sun is just about to set and temps are going to fall fast. 57 in fredrick and 51 in manassas. -- i think we're going to see temps outside of the frost advisory. around buoy, i would bring in the plants just to be safe. satellite picture, radar combined. one thing you need are clear skies and clouds are pushing through now and we'll be left with clear skies in the next hour or so. we'll come back and give you tips for how to protect your plants. we'll also have a very nice best shot all coming up. >> see you then. right now voters in virginia are electing a new governor to succeed democrat tim kaine. this is from falls church where voters have a little less than
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two hours to cast the ballots. all of the polling stations in the state of virginia close tonight at 6:00. the virginia's governor race is getting national attention because it's one of only two going to be toarl elections and because republican bob mcdonald is the front-runner just yesterday, some polls showed steve trailing mcdonald by double digits. he says he is banking on independent and undecided voters to lead him to victory. we've got live team coverage from richmond. peggy fox is live but we begin with bruce leshan with the bob mcdonald campaign. >> reporter: bob mcdonald has run by what all account is a remarkably effective campaign by focusing on voters' practical concerns but sitting
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on what looks like a huge lean as he criss-crossed the commonwealth. mcdonnell was more willing to engage on conservative values. hoping to trade on his northern virginia routes. bob mcdonnell promptly forget a couple of his old neighbors. a democrat has held the house of delegates seat for years but election experts say mcdonnell doesn't need to win this precinct just hold his opponent down to below 70% of the vote. >> from the middle as -- >> i'm going to govern on getting results in. i'm a conservative. i'm a fiscal conservative. >> reporter: for much of the campaign mcdonnell has deemphasized his social conservatism even rejecting offers of help from former rain vice presidential nominee sarah palin and that's been changing
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and over the weekend governor palin started calling republicans, urging them to vote their values. >> are you happy that governor palin has been making phone calls to get out the vote. >> i don't know if she was doing that. >> reporter: mcdonnell has been riding waive of american across the commonwealth about massive spending. >> bob mcdonnell. >> why? >> because he's discretion the issues that pertain to fairfax county. >> reporter: with a gap with republicans more fired up about their candidates but even a big cookie purchase failed to change the mind of the husband of the pta president. >> you're thinking deed. >> absolutely, i'm definitely thinking deed. absolutely 100%. >> reporter: mcdonnell says he is a pro life, pro family candidate and says if he's governor and virginia tries again to fund planned
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parenthood. he said he with wield his veto pen. the republican party has invested huge money into this race. we will be talking to the rnc chairman about whether bob mcdonnell is a role model for the next campaign, the next g.o.p. campaign. back to you. >> big night head. bruce leshan thanks for the update. >> we're going to head to the democratic party where our peggy fox is standing by with the latest from the cree deeds campaign. his campaign is pointing to positive numbers in alexandria and arlington but polls has shown deeds behind some by 18 points. out at the polling places, democrats are not optimistic. in this middle class community just outside of richmond, 53% of the voters at the hermitage precinct voted for obama
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helping virginia elect a democrat for president since 1964. but the talk they were turning blue is gone. >> mcdonnell was going out and campaigning and then deeds was taking a day off. i don't know if he necessarily has the drive to become the state's governor. >> i think it's depending more on the people, obama coming down and the mayor backing him and i think he could have run a much stronger campaign, but i still voted for him. >> reporter: some were still undecided heading to the polls. >> you might vote for deeds, you might vote for mcdonnell, you don't know. >> i don't know. i always say a prayer just before i go in and ask the lord to be with me that i vote for the right one. >> reporter: three miles away in glen allen, a solid republican district where parents hugged babies in carriers, there was nothing but optimism for a republican sweep. >> i think you will see a big turnout of republican voters. i think we had a swing in the
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state in the other direction but i think it's the time the republican voters are getting our voices her. >> reporter: a short time ago i talked to cree deeds and asked him about the criticism that he's run a poor campaign. i'll have that answer for you at 6:00. >> thanks for that. other statewide races. democrat jody wagner is challenging bill bowling who is seeking a second term and two fairfax leaders are running for attorney general. today's also election day in maryland. this is a live picture from the twin brook community center had. there are also mayoral races in annapolis, buoy, gaithersburg fredrick. most polls in maryland close at 8:00 tonight. >> stay with 9 news now and for complete election coverage. we'll have the first news on 9 news at 7:00 as well as throughout the evening on air
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and on the website. we'll also stream bob mcdonnell and cree deeds' speeches when they happened. attorneys for secreted sniper muhammed are asking the supreme court to stop his execution. barring any last-minute intervention he will die by lethal injection one week from today. he was given the death penalty for killing myers. his accomplice is serving a life sentence in the 2002 killing spree. ten people were killed. mayor adan fenty calls it "the most public safety, public health and homeland security project" he's talking about the consolidated forensic lab. demolition started today to make way for this lab. the project is designed to coordinate crime, public safety and health investigations to help law enforcement solve crimes more quickly. the cost of the project is about $218 million. a warning tonight for doctors in maryland.
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wash up or you could get reported. lieutenant governor thee brown announced a new first of its kind tracking program aimed at cutting down on hospital infections including mrsa. the plan call for teams of hospital workers to wash how often doctors wash their hands, especially between patients. the program is being paid for by federal stimulus fund. speeders are getting reprieve in maryland. the state is extending the warning program now through november 15th. you'll still get a warning but after that the state will mail you a ticket for $40. slow down in prince george's county. the council approve a plan to install speed cameras. there will be a 30 day grace period but after that expect a $40 ticket if you're caught. prince george county leaders have been pushing for the cameras for some time. it tops the state in pedestrian deaths and deadly motorcycle crashes. time to check on the
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morning rush hour. accident just cleared 395 northbound. what is causing the problem. right lane was blocked and delays were all the way back to washington boulevard right now. that has cleared just a few minutes ago. that is good news. the problem now still on 66 westbound if you want to take a live look, the head lights coming on. very slow here in, delays start from the beltway all the way to 123. folks rushing home to the polls this evening will have to take it slow around there. back to you. >> thanks. think you have a bad commute? be thankful you're not in philadelphia today. but first dan schneider breaks his silence tonight. a rare admission as the redskins' owner says his team letting everybody down.
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it's been a rocky redskins season full of losses, controversy and a stadium ban against the fans. for the first time the owner addressed criticism that has been mounting against a franchise and himself specifically. brett haber joins us with the latest from dan. >> ers. >> the only thing worse than the redskins' play on the field has been the public relations disaster orchestrated by daniel snyder from the sign and was to the play calling power struggle to the owner's continuing policy of silence during the season but tonight a change in the policy. >> er along with several redskins' players was attending dedication part of the admiral work the redskins do with their fields for tomorrow program when snyder, to the surprise of the crowd addressed everyone, including the media, he apologized to fans saying the
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team has "let everyone down, including ourselves." he then said this to the assembled crowd. >> we feel frustration and we feel sorry for our fans' performance today was not what we expected and we hope to turn this around beginning this sunday in atlanta and we hope that we'll have a much better season going forward and we appreciate very, very much the support of the fans have shown us through the difficult part of the season. >> snyder was actually greeted with a round of aplace. later reporters asked him about the sign ban at fedex field out but the owner refused to address that. more coming up at 6:00. also the good, bad and ugly on the way. we'll see you in about 0 minutes. well stocks didn't move much today on wall street. the dow ended down 17 points to close at 9771. the nasdaq was up eight points and the s&p 500 rose two points. tonight some encouraging news from detroit.
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general motors has reported its first monthly increase in u.s. sales in almost two years. business at ford also picked up in october. toyota too and car makers say the improvement was not due to any temporariy incentives like the cash for clunkers program earlier this year. a transit strike brought on a commuter nightmare in philadelphia today. workers literally walked off of the job in the middle of the night after talks broke down. the strike brought all subway, bus and trolley service in the city to the halt. the union had threatened to strike over the weekend while the world series was in philly but ed rendell ordered both sides to stay at the bargaining table. a man fishing off of the coast made quite a catch, a 62- foot golden tilefish. he nearly ended up in the water himself. it took him 20 minutes to reel this in. the state still needs to certify the catch as a record breaker. that is one big ugly fish, can
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i say that. >> he is kind of an ugly thing. this is the day you do your best shot, right? because that could be a best shot. >> it could be. >> one best ugly-looking fish. >> i guess you can eat a tilefish. >> yes, you can. >> you can. >> would you want to eat that thing though? >> there might be a tender part tomorrow afternoon somewhere. it's tuesday and we have a beautiful best shot. in fact i want to complement a lot of folks who sent their pictures in. i was torn as to which one to use because everyone had their name and location an great picture. this is from paula talbot in hunting town, maryland, and i thought this was smack. fall colors, nicely framed. a little morning fog. pretty sweet. pretty sweet. if you want to send us a picture. go to our website at and click on weather, slide down and see the drop down menu and it will say submit your picture and please include your
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name, hometown and brief description. next three days look like this. 56 tomorrow. clouds come in late. we're going to remain mostly cloudy on thursday. sprinkles possible. mountain snow showers pretty much a lock. highs only 54 230r us and sunny on friday but temperatures only go up into the low 50s. coldest air this season gets in by the latter part of the week. good thing is november is a transitional month. tonight, frost warning north and west, clear and cold. frost possible. a low 32 to 42. you're downtown you don't have to worry about frost. winds light northwesterly at 5 to 10. if you want your plants to live if they're temperature isn'ttive. bring them inside is the best thing you can do. soak the plants with water if you can't cover them. it's beneficial to the plants but you have to remember to uncover the plants in the morning because the morning shun just cook them. that will do as much damage as anything. is it unusual to have this frost this time of the year? no we're fuelly behind
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schedule, latter part of october we get a frost in the northwestern suburbs. downtown not until early part of november. about another four or five days. 35 at bethesda but i think we're going to see 30 in buoy and upper marlboro. upper 50s brookville. 59 in bell haven and 60 in dunphy. winds will turn and become southeasterly at 10. zone forecast all six zones are still on our website, mid 50s, martinsburg in, bluemont, the plains. 57 in oakland. clouds come in late and to the east 57 downtown. upper 50s by the water and there are no advisories on the bay. next seven days mid 50s tomorrow. only 54 on thursday with
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sprinkles each with full sun we think low 50s on friday and then temps go right back up. 60, kickoff food drive 9:00 on saturday. 65 on sunday. even on monday we're in pretty good shape. a little cooler low 60s and middle 60s next tuesday. pretty dry. haven't changed the weekend yet. >> chilly bus stop though. >> frosty bus stop. >> thanks a lot. coming up for bidding dirty dancing. >> tell you about the new ways schools are cracking down on moves that might make your mother blush. we're going to give you a live look at 9:00 over a polling place in springfield. we'll have complete election results for the race for virginia governor throughout the evening on and on air here on 9news now. stay with us. warm pillsbury cookies
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made with gooey hersheys mini-kisses. spontanious joy may occur.
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are on the table grands biscuits. would it really be breakfast without 'em? hoo-hoo! make breakfast grand.
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desiree. breaking news after he excavated the yard where 59-year-old anthony solo lives. two coroner vans arrived shortly half the bodies were removed. a crackdown going on at homecoming dances all across the country. school officials are trying to stop suggestive or so-called freak dancing. >> as maggie rodriquez reports they are using everything from contracts to william shootner. >> reporter: if you think high school dances are all good, clean fun, here's a rude awakening. >> i saw essentially what was a tenth grade girl giving a tenth the grade boy a lap dance. >> reporter: it's easy to find lessons in freak dancing online. students admit they've learned well. >> it is kind of like sex with clothes on. >> reporter: now school administrators are saying enough. >> i think what was important was parent his to really see what it was that the kids were
5:27 pm
doing. >> reporter: high school principal charles sutter has put in a dress code and forced students and parents to sign a contract. >> no traddleing legs no bendingor erover no front to back touching, grinding. >> hands waste and shoulders only. >> getting kicked out a dance for freak dancing seems harsh. >> reporter: not to parent it's was. >> the way they were dancings degrading to girls. >> reporter: there are no contracts but as kids get too frisky. we flip on the lights and play anything that william shatner has records. >> reporter: administrators say the lesson is simple. >> if you're coming to a school function event you're expected to act appropriately for school. >> well, we won't talk about what was going on when i was in high school. the principal who forced the kids to sign a contract before they can go to a dance says he's heard from several schools
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but i've got a warm, fresh baked strawberry toaster strudel. see the difference? mmmm. i do.
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(announcer) pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. that, on the list of things kids love, our party pizzas have just passed toy robots. awkward. kids love totino's party pizzas. welcome back b welcome back let's reset some of the top stories in the news. two teenagers are in love, their parents disapprove and police say these two teenagers died together in a suicide pact inside a home in triangle, virginia. investigators have released their names. desiree pat rake and quirinius williams. a shortage of the liquid medicine used to fight the flu in kids has pharmacists stepping up to help. some are beginning to concoct their own liquid version of tamiflu and they have the blessing of the fda. versus in virginia have
5:32 pm
another hour and a half to cast their new ballot. for republican robert mcdonnell cause his battle. creigh deeds voted at his home. a family escaped an early morning house fire but their pets did not. we're talking about 23 birds. >> reporter: five adults were awaked on mannakee street when the smoke alarm started. they then smelled smoke. investigators say that's exactly where the fire starts. the family called 911. >> they attempted themselves to put the fire out with a home fire extinguisher, to no avail. >> reporter: they all made it out but 23 birds in the home didn't survive. this are parakeets, parrots and finches. most kept in cages like this one seen in a montgomery fire county and rescue photo. only one bird, a parakeet, was brought out alive by
5:33 pm
firefighters. >> speaking to avian experts today, the amount of carbon monoxide in the early amount of the fire birds are very supportable and very delicate when it comes to that. >> reporter: that sensitivity to carbon monoxide is exactly the reason canaries were used as a co warning in coal mines. >> firefighters said this he to restrain distraught relatives to stop them from going back into the house. >> they were trying to go back into the structure ta as it was burning. >> reporter: it was the family's nature to try to save the birds because that's how they came to the home in the first place. they rescued birds in distress. dave stater, 9news and >> fire investigators are estimating damage to the home at about $200,000. another spent is under arrest with connection of the gang rape with a 15-year-old girl in california. the 21-year-old man is the seventh suspect arrested in the case. he's charged with rape. the girl was attacked outside of a high school homecoming dance on october 24th.
5:34 pm
investigatorsy as many as 20 people watched. they didn't even call police. more arrests are expected. a candelight vigil was planned for the victim later today. a new video is out there now that could provide some clues in the disappearance of a british toddler. little madeleine mccann was just four years old when she disappeared while her family was on vacation in portugal in may of 2007. police say this is how madeleine might look today. detectives hope the new video would play on the guilt or conscious on someone who might be close to the girl's abductor. >> everytime that person clicks to search a madeleine link to find out where we are and what we're doing, this is going to come back to haunt them. >> british police are urging people to use the internet to spread the video clip as quickly as they can. wanya be home buyers you have less than 30 days to get in on the first time home buyers tax credit for 2009 out but as jessica doyle reports closing a real estate deal can stilling done if you start today.
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>> reporter: the clock is ticking for first time home buyers if you're ready to pull the trigger on purchasing home and enjoying the $8,000 tax credit, you still have time to do so. first things first. >> you contact the mortgage lender, and you start lining up all your ducks immediately. get the preapproval from your lenders so the mortgage process can be cut time wise and shorten the whole process. >> reporter: once your paperwork is in place it's time to be an informed shopper. >> you really better do your homework. you need to have houses that you know that you can get into in a rapid pace. >> reporter: besides traditional home sales, foreclosure could be a good bet for buyers on a tight time table. >> the reason this i like foreclosure, especially if you're in a rush to get in on the first time home buyer tax credit is that no one lives in those properties. as quick as you can get a loan done and the title work done, you can close and get the keys to your house. >> to qualify for the $8,000 first time home buyers tax
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credit buyers need to sign on the bottom line by november 30th. if you aren't ready to buy yet, congress is work on an extension to the tax credit. the new measure would change the current deadline to close the deal on april 30th. also, if you've owned your current home for at least five years and buy a new home, you could get up to a $6,500 tax credit. jessica doyle, 9news and so ever see a 60-year-old guy surf the crowd? >> there was one unforgettable moment from last night's bruce springsteen concert here in d.c. it's coming up next. first let's check on the evening rush hour with patranya bhoolsuwan who is in the traffic center. >> as we take a drive around we're not seeing any accidents through virginia or maryland. that's the good news. but there are delays. one of the heaviest spots the inner loop all the way bask american region to the spur as you hit 70, no major incidents to report there and then we're going to go on the other side
5:37 pm
of town as we'll fly over route 50. no problems. 495 through dooley to the bay bridge no accidents reported. that's your look at traffic. 9news now will be right back.
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i'm peggy fox with 33million americans work from home. would you like to be one of them. go to for information how to do it. click on the washington stanley magazine group. thousands of fans at last night's bruce springsteen and the east street band concert at the verizon center were treated to a 60-year-old rock 'n roll hall of famer doing some crowd surfer. if you were there or with you could have been there let's
5:40 pm
take another look at that memorable moment. that's great. that's one fit 60-year-old musician. >> he's got a lot of trust. >> he does. >> how long did that go on. our producer, ben, was there. about 45 seconds of that.
5:41 pm
>> a lot of trust in loyal fans. let's just say that and apparently bruce springsteen will be coming back to baltimore next month. he's going to be receiving honors as well in september. >> well deserved. coming up a job that could earn you up to $700s a day and you don't even have to go on an interview. a new study reveal use controversial chemical could be right in your pantry. we'll tell you what to look out for. time for the latest install the of the good, the bad and the ugly. tonight the hockey fight where the refs got knocked out. plus why phil jackson is not quite as hip as he thinks he is. the explanation in gbu in ten minutes. now to a man who is imminently cool, topper shutt. >> we'll have more tips for your plant and also look ahead to some of the coldest air of the season. stay tuned.
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dpa, the controversial chemical used to make some plastic baby bottles and other goods maybe stocked in your pantry. consumer reports tested 24 different canned food for bpa and found many of the samples had higher levels of the chemical. recent studies have also shawn that exposure to low doses to bpa are associated with a range of health effects including various cancers, diabetes and heart disease. chose fresh food or canned and let your children drink powdered or bottled infant formulas or boxed juices. >> we're going to let you in on a secret ahead of the holiday shopping season. if you're waiting for a must- have gadget to burst on the scene, you might be waiting for a while. pretty soon, the annual crush
5:46 pm
of shoppers will hit the stores, looking to spread some holiday cheer. iphones, wiis, gps devices, oh, wait, that was last year's list. >> we don't really have the brand new must-have gadgets the way we had in recent seasons. >> reporter: paul reynolds, the electronics editor for consumer reports magazine, says manufacturers did not unvale new high-priced buzz items this go around because of the economy and that may be a smart thing. just listen to what people told us about their plan for this year. >> i think i'm just going to do something heart felt. >> may be we should each get a gift for one person. >> reporter: if that one gift includes one of 2008's top picks. >> in many cases the prices are lower, the vacate is also better. >> reporter: value is the buzz word for 2009 and the electronics testers at consumer reports showed our link smart team one way they determine which goods fit the bill. on this day they checked out which flat screens stand and
5:47 pm
deliver the best picture and quality. >> it's good, but for that may be you would expect more. >> we found in our roundup in this december issue more recommended models that are low priced than we've we've ever had before. >> reporter: one more note about your electronics. whether it's a new big screen or digital camera in your sight make sure the person who receives the gift really wants what is in that box before they open it. most realizers charge restocking fees of up to 5% of the total cost if you return it after its open. >> all right, now before you buy any electronic gadget you want to check for early sales and compare prices, watch out for store policies. you want to know about those returns. also don't rule out multitasking models and skip, skip, skip the extended warranty, not worth the money. >> i will remember that. more and more street vendors are popping up across the country catering to people looking for fast and easy food
5:48 pm
on a budget. here in d.c. officials want to increase the number of vending licenses available and there's even specialized cart financing for these mini startups. >> it is definitely ready to explode and we want to make sure that everybody has an opportunity to get involved in that. >> so, how good is business. some vendors say they make up to $700 a day in many cities there is a waiting throises get started. that's because unlike a restaurant which can mean high overhead vendors pay for the cart, license ambassador food they serve. she stole millions from one of our most important resources, our teachers. tonight we're learning she will not serve all of her sentence. plus nba star and local basketball product delonte west faces more criminal charges. this team says his school
5:49 pm
discriminated against him and it's all with the dress code. first a look at the forecast that is chilly to say the least. >> tonight will be a colder night. not the coldest. but pretty cold. we have tips on what to do. we'll give you some in a minute but also post it on our log at next three days temps going down. 56 tomorrow. clouds had come in late and thursday, mostly cloudy, some sprinkles possible. mountain snow flowers, only 54 and even with full sun on friday, temperatures will hold in the low 50s. about a full ten degrees below average for this time of the year. for tonight frost warning north and west, clear and cold. frost possible. lows 32 to 42 and winds northwesterly at about 5 to 10. here's what you can do. bring your plants inside. soak your plants with water. cover your plants. please remember to uncover them in the morning because the morning sun can just do as much damage as the cold night can do. so keep that in mind. and also it's a good idea to water them each if you do cover
5:50 pm
them. lows tonight well 33 grateful. 35 in tysons. 37 in bethesda but low 35 in bo bowie and marlboro. mostly sunny with a cold start in the morning. 30s and 40s and by afternoon clouds and cooler, highs only near 55. winds southeasterly at about 10. 56 tomorrow. 54 on thursday. only 51 on friday. then temps go back up. right now the weekend looks very nice. 60 with sunshine on saturday. mid-60s so sunday. cooler on monday and low 60s and back in the mid-60s on tuesday. so again some flurries. pretty close to us on thursday night downtown but maybe in hagueers town. it's one of our favorite segments, good, bad and ugly. >> a lot of people asked me if i was going to dress up for
5:51 pm
halloween as the costume there. >> what snapped. >> that costume doesn't exist. it's just a graphic. it's our look at excellent and not so excellent. we start with the good. best hands got to be spurs' guard ginobili. the mascot came out with a net. but he couldn't get it done. so watch manu here with his bare hand walk the bat and deliver the fatal blow and picks the car cuss up. best two point conversion. louisiana central. how about that behind the back. >> can we see that again. >> i will show you that again. apparently when you're up 57-0. will get bored and he made it happen. best reflexes phillies' cliff lee. not only pitching lights out
5:52 pm
but watch the step he maked on robbie cano. everybody is behind the back these days. small consolation for being down 3-2 in the series. still a nice play from the pitcher. best impression of a superhero. saints' reggie bush. take a look at where he leaps from into the end zone. that was from the six-yard line. he's not of this earth. he's a special person. that's why the saints are undefeated. to the bad. toronto's colton orr gets in a throw down. linesman gets in to break it up and orr pushes him down to the ice. i'm sure the league frowns that kind of thing but they did not suspend orr. this is subtle, lakers' coach phil jackson gets a fist from
5:53 pm
fisher. kobe doesn't see it. wait i'm going to rub my face. i was just trying to rub my face. that's horrible acting. horrible. nobody bought that was what he was trying to do. not as cool as he thinks he is. workshop turning a positive into a negative. makes a nice play with the interception on matt staffer. he gets tackled for a safety. everybody's got to be a hero. you get the ball on the 20 and your team is in business so you've got to be a hero. to the ugly. chicago's lag almost takes his head clear off of his torso. it's a tough hit but that's a legal hit so they didn't call a penalty it. worst halftime entertainment, miami heat they've got the x games bike ramp set up and the guy going to do a full flip but he only goes about three quarters of the way. not often that the halftime show has to leave the building
5:54 pm
on a stretcher but this guy did. he dislocated his shoulder but he's given everything's cool sign. >> even though i'm a a stretcher. >> that's the ugly portion of the gbu and i've got to give you some ugly. >> it was ugly. up next ordering up a doctor's appointment over the internet. how a new service can get a a visit on the same day. don't forget we're always on stay with us. tonight's living well segment is next. >l>l>l
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it breaking news in cleveland, ohio. standing by for a live press conference from the cleveland police department. our sister station wkyc tv is reporting that two more bodies have been removed from a convicted rapist's home where police recovered the bottle of six women. we'll bring you more information as it comes in. a health about the cholesterol prostate cancer connection. a study shows men may be able to lower their risk of getting the most aggressive form of prostate cancer by keeping their cholesterol in check. men's who's cholesterol levels stayed under 200 had less than half of the risk of developing high grade prostate tumors.
5:58 pm
one more reason to know your numbers. all it takes is a blood test. how many of you have used an online tool to make a last- minute dinner reservation at a cool place. now imagine book a doctor's appointment in a busy office the same way. for anyone who's ever waited for what feels like forever to get into see a doctor a new website might be your time- saving solution. >> surely an easier way to find doctors. >> reporter: he is the creator of zoc doc an online appointment for physicians and dentists to address the challenge of finding the best medical professionals in that crowded metropolis. now zoc doc has launched in d.c. >> many cities have huge problems with wait times. i think it takes 30 days to see a primary care doctor. >> reporter: log onto, type in what you're looking for and he says zoc doc provides real results for the same day.
5:59 pm
>> we know exactly when they're available. we actually have reviews doctors and it makes it hugely available. we have insurance information and we know which doctors accept your specific insurance plans and you don't have to wonder about that. instant access in a complex health care marketplace. zoc doc creators say they have plans of expanding by adding a new specialty each month and you can follow updates twitter and facebook. high-tech indeed. check out all of the information on our website, click on living well. thanks for joining us for 9news at 5:00. 9news at 6:00 starts right now. she stole $5 million from the d.c. teachers' union and used that money to support a lavish lifestyle. 9news now has learned that former president barbara bullic will become a free person tomorrow.


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